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Our Vision

The Party’s vision shall be to establish an equitable, prosperous, industrialized, and modern nation, in which all citizens are empowered, enjoy social, economic, and democratic rights, live in dignity, with equal opportunities for all.

The Equitable Party is a political party that aims to promote fairness, equality, and justice in society. The party believes in creating a more equitable society by reducing inequality, promoting social justice, and fostering economic growth that benefits all members of society.

One of the key principles of the Equitable Party is that everyone should have access to the same opportunities in life, regardless of their background or circumstances. The party believes in providing a level playing field for all individuals, so that they can achieve their full potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

The Equitable Party is also committed to promoting environmental sustainability and protecting our planet for future generations. The party recognizes the urgent need to address climate change and is dedicated to implementing policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy, and protect our natural resources.

In terms of economic policies, the Equitable Party believes in promoting economic growth that benefits all members of society, not just a select few. The party supports policies that promote job creation, wage growth, and investment in education and infrastructure.

Overall, the Equitable Party is committed to building a fairer, more just, and more sustainable society for all. Through its policies and initiatives, the party aims to create a better future for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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Date: 21 April 2022 

Location:TEP HQ tsavo road 3rd floor room 307

Time: 8am -5pm 

The method of nomination will be indirect nomination  


Be a Force for Good


Be Part of Something Great. Engaging 
the sports fraternity

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All Videos

In the Press

See some of the latest news of the Equitable Party below!

Thousands Attend The Equitable Party Rally

October, 2021

Many of goodwill Kenyans attend a sports tournament sponsored by TEP

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10 Movements You Need to Know

November 2021

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One to Watch: The Equitable Party

March 26, 2022

Dr. Gilbert Shanga: We will be presenting candidates come August 9th, 2022, vying through the Equitable party. Hon. Patrick Saisi, the deputy governor for Vihiga county, defected ODM and will be running on this political party.

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Trance Towers, 3rd Floor, Room 307 

Tsavo Road, Off Mombasa Road, South B, Nairobi, Kenya

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